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Terms of use

Daily Limit

Minimum Transaction

BUY - 50 points

SELL - 50 points

Maximum Transaction

BUY (VIP) - 15,000 points

SELL (VIP) - 2,000 points

SELL (MEMBERS) - 500 points

SELL (Commission Account) - 500 points


Transfer between account

To VIP Member Account = 3.5%


Spread Rate

VIP Members(RM0.15)


Unknown Sources(Affiliate account, Bonus Account, Other methods of Deposit( or

Processing Time

Deposit and withdrawal processing time

VIP Members up to 24hrs

Members up to 48hrs

*Our current price close to bank price, changes may be necessary from time to time due to price fluctuation.

Safety of trading account at the bank level

Every customer can protect his/her trading account from hacking by enabling SMS password service which includes the request of one-time SMS password for every withdrawal. So, activating the service of SMS-protection in Client Cabinet, owner of trading account defends his/her funds from the unauthorized withdrawals by hackers in case trader's password was stolen. Besides SMS protection, Client Cabinet is defended by SSL certificate of the highest level, which is indicated by the green address bar when visiting protected sector of the website. All client's data which is transferred and saved during the work in Client Cabinet is defended by the reliable encoding using HTTPS technologies. Everything listed above allows telling about authoritative protection of funds and private data of every InstaForex customer.

Your Privacy Rights

You agree to accept this Privacy Policy when you sign up or register, access, or use InstaKL products and services, features, technologies or functions available on our website. We may modify this policy at any time by posting an updated or revised version on our website. The updated version will have to be effective at the time we post it on the site. In addition, if the updated version includes a significant change, we will notify you with a 30 days prior notice by posting notice of change under the "Policy Updates" page of our website. After this 30 day notice period, you will be considered as having well aware and consented to all changes to this policy.

InstakL Fundamental Principles on Privacy Policy:

We DO NOT solicit any member`s personal information to third parties for their marketing purposes and will only disclose a member`s personal information congruent with our Privacy Policy or with a member`s absolute consent.

We share members personal information with other members that may relate to the service requested, to help facilitate and complete transactions and to allow members to contact each other.

We coordinate with requests from law enforcements and government officials which conducts criminal investigations in compliance with our Privacy Policy to help keep our community safe.

We provide options to members on how they wish to be contacted.

Should there be any changes in our Privacy Policy, we give our members prior notice before change is being amended.

We let our members change or update their personal information to keep it up to date.

InstaKL and its Partners are required to protect personal information in accordance with these fundamental principles of Privacy Policy.

We believe that the privacy and security of personal information is everyone`s responsibility. We use the latest secure and standard technology to protect our website and expect our members to cooperate by utilizing our FAQ`s, tutorials and technology to help manage their privacy.

We encourage our members to contact us should they have any questions, comments and suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab and we provide options on how they can communicate to us.

Terms of Service

This Agreement describes the terms of exchange service " " natural and legal persons. Before any operation of the Service " ", the Customer must read and accept all the conditions described in this Agreement.

1. Definition of Terms

"Service" – partially automated hardware-software complex " ", located on the Internet at
"Customer" – means a private or legal person willing to use the Services being provided by the Service who has agreed to all the provisions stipulated in the Agreement.
"Title units" – mean accounting units of the corresponding Payment systems determining a specified scope of rights of claim or some other rights arising from the agreement executed by the Payment systems and their customers.
"Resultant details" – mean number, wallet, email or any other indication of Customer account in the Payment system which is stated in the Customer Order for the Service to send the Title units.
"Order" – means the information provided by the Customer via technical means of the Service in digital format indicating their intention to use the Exchange services under the conditions proposed by the Service and stated in Order characteristics.
"Payment System" – hardware-software complex developed by a third party (electronic currency processor) for an online settlements between users.

2. Subject of the Agreement

With the help of technical means of the Service by way of making an Order the Customer authorizes and the Service for a compensation in its own name and at the Customer expense receives and transfers the amount of the Title units declared by the Customer and stated in the Order characteristics at the details provided by the Customer.

3. General Provisions and Terms

3.1. The Agreement is concluded on the terms of the public offer made by users during the order process, which is an integral part of this agreement. Public offer of the Service recognizes the displayed information on the specifications and conditions of the application. The Сustomer receives the public offer, making the action to place order for the exchange, which is evidence of the Customer to make a deal with the Service on terms of service. Date and time of the acceptance of the public offer, as well as the terms of the application parameters are fixed by the Service automatically upon completion of the application form. The period during which the Customer must accept the terms of this agreement shall be 24 hours. The Agreement shall come into effect from the date of receipt of title units in the amount prescribed parameters Customer’s application to the details of Service. The term of the contract is set up to the moment of execution subject matter of this Agreement (Section 3) or the termination of the Agreement at the initiative of one of the parties on the terms outlined below.

3.2. After confirmation of Order the Customer makes the transfer of title units within 24 hours, or the funds in full, according to the Order, to the details of the Service and only in the manner specified in the Order.

3.3. The Service is not responsible and will not indemnify any losses or lost profit or any other expenses connected to incorrect using of the Service as well as Customer mistakes made when filling out the exchange form that can lead to the Payment being delayed of the Title units being sent at the wrongly stated details.

3.4. The Service reserves the right to increase or decrease the time of the Operation, depending on several factors such as availability of services of Payment Systems and the availability of electronic currency reserves. the Service is making every effort to ensure that Operations will be processed in the target dates. However, under no circumstances, the Service is not liable for the consequences of the issues or losses which have resulted due to the delay of the Operation.

3.5. In case of detection of any illegal action of the Customer that have caused financial loss to the Service, the Service reserve the right to compensate these losses from the Customer by any available means. In some cases, the Service can request to block user accounts in Payment System(s). Corresponding request will be made to the administration of Payment System(s) used by the Customer.

3.6. The Customer is obliged to use the Service only for lawful purposes and not to try to disrupt the Service. If the Service is doubt about the legitimacy and integrity of the Customer, it reserves the right to seek full identification of the Customer.

4. Uncontrolled circumstances

The Service is not responsible for delays or failures in the handling of operations arising as a consequence: any problems in the telecommunications, computer and other systems; force majeure action of Payment Systems (block or closure of the accounts, freezing or holding of funds, denial of service); change of political regimes, civil strife; actions of third parties, which are beyond the control of the Service.

5. Resolution of Disputes

All disputes connected to the provision of Exchange services to the Customer will be settled by the way of negotiations between the Customer and the Service administration based on the conditions of this Agreement.

6. Form of the Agreement

The Customer and the Service acknowledge that the digital form of this Agreement is legally equal to the agreement executed in written form.

7. Changes and amendments

The administration of service reserves the right to itself at any moment to make modifications and additions to the given agreement unilaterally without prior notice.